"I was born in the municipality of Pyhäselkä, in the village of Mulo, in May of 1964. Work and studies took me to Helsinki for ten years. For the time being I live in Joensuu and work in Outokumpu.

I have studied popular tradition, cultural anthropology, financial management, marketing and tourism. I have working experience in marketing and information and in organizational work. I have also been a teacher. Especially in tourism a wide education and work experience is an asset.

I run the Särkiselkä Camping site during years 1994 - 2005. I developed the Särkiselkä Camping site into the Guiding Centre of Outokumpu Nature and Wilderness Park and designed the Children’s Fishing school. In 2000 I was awarded the Fishing Tourism entrepreneur of the Year by the Agricultural Centre of North Carelia.

I am interested in well-being and health of man. I strive to harmony with nature, other people, and myself. I want to bring the yield of nature available to people and to make it easy and tempting for them to move about there.

My dearest hobbies, besides tourism, are cooking, photographing, cultural research and camping."