The following tours are arranged in Outokumpu Nature and Wilderness Park area:

Tours for children

Outokumpu Nature and Wilderness Park is an ideal place for learning and training of woodcraft. For families with children we have an independent tour package and complete tour programs for day-care centres and schools.

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Recreation days for enterprises

The program of the recreation day can consist of, for example, hiking, paddling, fishing and delicious food. Both local fishermen and professional guides will lead the tours. The delicious meals can be enjoyed either outdoors or at the Hotel Malmikumpu.

Meetings can be held either out- or indoors, as well as listen to a psychologist give a lecture on how to put up with work, or enjoy a concert or a play. Outokumpu is famous for its cultural activities.

The tour can be also pampering. Päivi Kokkonen, a stylist, will make the ladies up for a fiest and make them a colour analysis and give them dressing advice. Services of a masseuse, a physical therapist and a natural therapist are also available.

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